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Click here to see the impression instructions.
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Product Description

Tooth bleaching is ideal for healthy, non-decayed teeth. We recommend that you have a complete dental exam before bleaching your teeth. Do not take impressions if you have loose or decayed teeth, loose crowns or periodontal (gum disease) problems.
Please follow Ultra white's 8 easy steps for a great impression.

  1. Enclosed you will find two plastic impression trays and three dual-sided packages of impression material. You will use the material and trays to make molds of your teeth. From the molds, we will fabricate custom bleaching trays. These custom trays are the innovation that makes our system far superior to over-the-counter systems.

  2. Remove the impression trays and material from the envelope. Please note, the impression trays have been pretreated with an adhesive. Your hands must be clean and dry to mix the impression material. Open one of the dual-sided impression packs and quickly mix the two colors of impression material together. Knead and roll the two colors together, like mixing playdough, until fully blended into one color. (Total mixing time should be less then 30 seconds. At 40 seconds, the material begins to harden.) Roll the material into a cylindrical shape and place in the plastic impression tray.

  3. Take the tray filled with the impression material and place over your lower teeth. Push down with firm pressure, until the tray forms around your teeth and the material extrudes through the holes in the top of the tray.

  4. Once the impression has been in place for three minutes, remove the tray from your mouth. Leave the impression material in the tray. Do not remove the material from the tray unless you need to re-impress. Rinse the impression with cold water and inspect. It is not necessary that your back teeth are included in the impression; however, it is critical that the front six teeth and the gum line below them are seen clearly. The fit of your custom trays will depend soley on how clear the impression comes out. If needed, an extra pack of impression material is included. The same trays may be used again if necessary.

  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the upper teeth.

  6. Place your impressions in the preaddressed, postage paid envelope and return to Ultra-white Products.

  7. Once we receive your impressions, we will make your custom whitening appliances and return them in 3 to 5 days with your Ultra-white Kit.

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